10-Miler Training: Week 9


I’m writing this post a day earlier than I normally do, but that’s because I completed my week of training a day earlier than I normally do. Plus, I’m going to shift some runs around next week, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First, lets talk about this week.

Tuesday was my first run of the week. I ended up doing a 40min run instead of a 30min run because I was feeling bad about skipping out on my runs last week. Actually it ended up being my longest run so far. Not good seeing this week marked the half way point, but good that I added in some distance. I ran 3.85 miles at about a 10:23 per/mile pace.

I didn’t get my second 30min run in this week between work, school, and spending time with my cousin who’s staying with me, but I made up for that today.

My long run this week was a 3 mile run, but I did 5 miles. I missed the 6 mile run last week, so I felt the need to make it up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the full 6 miles with the 7 mile run on the agenda for next week, so I settled for 5 miles. I feel amazing about the run I did today. I ran slower than I do with the 30 mins runs because I wanted to pace myself. I’m happy to stay I only took two walking breaks. They were after the second mile and the fourth mile so that I could grab a quick drink of water. Other than that, I ran the rest of the run. It took me 56:01 to finish the 5 miles giving me an 11:12 per/mile pace. I’m extremely happy with that because I kept that pace for basically the full 5 miles. I’m starting to feel better about the 10-Miler now because I don’t feel like I’m dying on the longer runs I haven’t done for a year. Granted, 5 miles is only half of what I’ll be doing in October, but if this is the place I’m at half way through, I’m happy about it.

Now, about this upcoming week… On Thursday I’m going to visit my boyfriend meaning the Thursday run is out and probably the weekend run, unless I shift things around. My plan is to do a 30min run tomorrow, a 30mins run on Tuesday, and the 7 mile run on Wednesday or Sunday when I’m back. Part of this will also depend on if I’m sore tomorrow from the run today. I’ll play it by ear, but tentatively, that’s my plan for Week 10.


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