10 Weeks of 10-Miler Training

10 and 10, haha. I don’t know why I find that so funny. Anyways, I’m done with 10 weeks of training now. Only 8 more weeks to go! So exciting and terrifying at the same time (haha, see what I did there. Tower of Terror 10-Miler). Alright on to the serious part…how this past week looked.

My first run of the week was on Tuesday. I did a 20min run instead of a 30min run. That wasn’t the plan going in to it. It was such a beautiful day out so I decided to run outside instead of on the treadmill. This was the first time that I ran in my new neighborhood. It was a pain. There’s only one small area that I could run through that didn’t have a masses of people. That made it so frustrating and was part of the reason why I only did 20mins. The other part was the fact that I haven’t run in the area before I didn’t know how far to go to make the run last 30mins before getting home. That will come with time though. I had that issue back in Michigan, and when I first moved out here. Eventually, I’ll figure it out again.

Wednesday I thought I would get up early to do quick 30min run, but three glasses of wine from the night before prevented that one. It was hard enough to get out of bed at 9am, let alone earlier for the run.

That 7mile run never happened. Honestly, I should have known it wouldn’t but I was being optimistic. On Thursday I left to visit the boy. After a three hour flight delay, I got in at 2am on Friday. Needless to say I was not in the frame to do any physical activity. The weekend was pretty booked solid for us, which I knew going into it. My flight on Sunday got in at 3:20 so I planned to do my 7mile run that evening, but I was exhausted. I could barely do homework or cook dinner. All I want to do was lay in bed and pray the Monday never show up because I didn’t want to come in to work or face my busy week.

I can guarantee that I will be in need of a good run this week.


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