10 Miler Training: Week 11

Where has the time gone? Not only am I done with 11 weeks of training, I’m also one week away from being done with my summer classes, and two weeks away from the last day of work before I take my academic leave. Wow!

So this week wasn’t great. I started with a run on Tuesday that last 20mins. It was a slow and extremely hard run because I have a cold or something meaning I couldn’t breathe. Not fun. In all honesty, my run wasn’t that slow for the way I was feeling. I average a 11:12 per mile pace and completed 1.78 miles in that tired period. Could have been much worse.

I didn’t end up doing my second 30min run of the week because I moved on from being stuffy to coughing up a storm. Not the best for running. I even cancelled my Pilates class and skipped Central Sweat this week. Not great for me.

Today I planned on going for a run because I’m starting to feel better. Not nearly as stuffy as I was before, but I’m still coughing. I decided it was probably best if I didn’t push myself to do the run. It might make me feel worse. Plus, I had a ton of homework to do, so making time for a run would have been challenging enough.

I’m worried about this upcoming week too. I’m supposed to run 8 miles for the long run, but I’m going to Florida with a friend. I know I won’t find the time to fit that in. And since I didn’t get a long run in last week, I’m starting to worry about how things are gonna go over the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck everyone! And advice on managing my running schedule is always welcome. 🙂


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