10 Miler Training: Week 12

Only six weeks remaining and now I’m starting to stress. The longest run I’ve done is 5miles and that’s only half the distance I’ll be running in October. Yikes! Six weeks sounds like a lot of time, but it’s really not…especially since my training has been lacking…including this past week.

I mention in the Week 11 recap that I had been consumed with school, well luckily this past week was my final week of the summer semester. Bad news was, they still didn’t help me get runs in. Monday was typical. Work all day, class until 9pm. Not a day for a work out, but that I know.

Tuesday when I would normally do a 30min run, but I went out to dinner with my cousin and stopped by to check out his new apartment. He lives in Washington Heights so it was a trek back to my place, killing the chance of a run. No big deal. I’d rather have a fun dinner instead.

Wednesday was the first day I could actually fit a run in, but instead…I slept in. I just couldn’t get myself out of bed and by the time I did, it was too late to fit in a run. I had to pack to leave for Florida, finish up homework, go to a business lunch, attend my study session, and of course, class. There went my Wednesday.

Thursday night my friend A and I went to Florida. Again, Thursday is the day I aim to do my second 30min run. Of course, I knew I wouldn’t find the time for that with our late night flight. My only hope was a run on the beach Friday or Saturday.

I brought my running gear with me with every intention of going for an extremely early run down the beach, but it never happened. During the day when I could have made some time, it’s was in the mid-90s so it was way to hot to try and run. Especially a long distance run.

Hopefully this week I can get some of those runs in before I go home for Labor Day. Too much traveling! It’s fun, but interfering with my training schedule.

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  1. mleanne84 says:

    Good luck with your training! When I did a 10 mile race, my longest run up until that point was 8 miles and I finished the race just fine. Don’t panic 🙂

    1. mlavens says:

      Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get at least one 8 mile run in before then. Only one month to go!

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