Revisiting the 8 Hour Diet

At the beginning of the year I decided to make a lifestyle choice and do the 8-hour diet. A way of eating where you spend eight hours of the day “feasting” and sixteen hours of the day “fasting.” It didn’t take long for me to break this habit continue eating whatever I want, whenever I want and working it off later.


Then a couple weeks ago I got a comment on an old post about my struggles with the 8-hour diet about a way to help keep me on track. This was the 8/16 Hours Diet App. An app that you input the time you started “feasting” and once you’re eight hours are up, it tells you to stop. It will even ask if you did it successfully or cheated. Which I kind of hate, but I feel so guilty about it if I have to say I cheated. In all honestly though, the app is so simple, yet so effective.

I’ve been using that app for about two weeks now, and although I still cheat (sometime I just can’t help it), it does keep me on track much more than when I was attempting to keep track of it on my own.

The biggest problem I have now is deciding when I start that 8-hour block. I’ll be honest, I haven’t conditioned myself to eat this way everyday. Sometimes it’s not possible with the way my work and class schedule has been. Some days I get out of work at 5:30pm and run over to class at 6pm. Class doesn’t end until 9pm, so that’s my first chance for dinner. Had I done the 8-hour diet on those days, I’d starve.

So on the days I do follow the 8/16 blocks, I have a hard time deciding when to start eating so that I stop at a time when I won’t want to keep eating. The other option I guess would be to eat more during the eight hour time block. Then I won’t have the urge to keep eating once I reach the fasting period. This is just something I personally have to figure out. Especially now that my schedule is changing and I will be in class at different times then before.

All in all, I’m glad I was introduced to this app because it is pushing me in the right direction to adapt to this lifestyle eating. As I move forward with this I think I’ll find myself falling into a pattern where it becomes second nature to me. I won’t have to focus in on timing or being surprised when the eight hours ends. I’ll have it down to a system. For now it’s an adjustment, but hopefully it won’t always be.

Download the app here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wirsing84 says:

    Hi Muffy,
    thanks a bunch for your post – I’m really excited that you tried and like the app. Are you still sticking with it? I am currently updating it for iOS 7 – if you have a cool idea … now is the time 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Muffy,
    the iOS 7 update is out – with lots of neat new features like iPad compatibility and custom time intervals etc (paid feature).
    Please let me know how you like it! 🙂

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