The Most Disorganized Walk Ever

One of my favorite forms of community service is a walk-a-thon. I get to raise money for a great cause and I get my exercise in. It’s a win-win. This morning I participated in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes with some members of the NYU Circle K. It was the most disorganized walk I’ve ever done.

1010030_590055454366658_1742306780_nFirst of all, it was not that easy to check in. There were groups of people and no sort of line. It was hard to determine where to go and which booth was the proper one to check in at. I could have gotten over that fact if they had done a good job with the course.

What kind of a large scale walk doesn’t get the city to block off the roads? This is New York City for crying out loud! There are events and races all the time that they block the streets off for. If I’m doing a charity walk, I shouldn’t have to stop at cross walks, look for volunteers directing the walkers, or try to avoid bikers and tourists on the the Brooklyn Bridge. It should all be clearly marked and blocked off. Not just for the ease of the participants, but also for their safety. I was shocked that there was nothing of the sorts.

That being said, I will probably never participate in one of these walks again. I will donate to the American Diabetes Association because I completely support the cause. I’m just not participating in one of their walks again. I’ll save my time for a different event.


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