Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Last night was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Two and a half hours after I started, I crossed the finish line. Not what I want, not what I expected, and not my best. But I did it, and that’s what matters.


Before the race my mom was struggle with a sore hip and I still had my ankle to worry about. Plus, the temperature was high and the humidity was gross. RunDisney had warned us ahead of time to take this race slower than we anticipated. I knew I was going to take this race slow because of my ankle, but the weather added to that. Because I knew I was going to take it slow, I decided to start in the last corral with my mom.

Our corral started at 10:27pm (the race officially started at 10pm) and I had a goal of finishing in 2 hours. Well, that goal was pre-sprain. My goal after that was to finish in under my half marathon time. Hell, I really just wanted to finish.



I walked the first two miles with my mom. As we hit the two mile marker, I caught site of Jack Skellington and Sally the rag doll from the Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s one of my favorite movies so I decided to run ahead to get a picture with them. They had a really long line and as I was waiting, my mom passed me. I figured I would catch up to her again at some point. When I finally got my picture with them, I heard the worst thing ever. The pacers had caught up to me and announced we had one minute to reach the three mile point or we were pulled. Luckily Jack and Sally were close to third mile so I made it no problem. I kept running though because I wanted to get as far away from them as possible. I could not believe I came so close to being picked up. I could only imaging telling everyone that my mom finished and I was picked up by the bus. In all honestly, it would have been a little funny, but upsetting.

As I continued running, I passed a couple other characters I would have liked to get a picture with but I wasn’t chancing it. Around the fifth mile I finally caught up to my mom. I was so glad to drop my pace and walk again. Captain Hook was the one character I had wanted to get a picture with. He showed not long after I caught up to my mom. She said we could stop, but I told her my horror story of the last time I stopped and I wasn’t doing it again.

Around mile six, my ankle started to hurt. I’m sure it was because I ran longer and harder on it then I planned to escape the bus. I was so excited to get to the medical tent at the eighth mile because I was able to slap on the Biofreeze and numb the pain. It helped and I ended up running the last half mile finishing in 2:30:22. It was four minutes under my half time, so I guess I finished within my goal. It just doesn’t feel that way.

photoIn all honesty, this race was boring compared to past Disney races. We ran for a long time on plain asphalt, which would be fine if there was something going on. There were a few characters and a DJ but that was it. The Wine & Dine Half Marathon had much better entertainment. Whenever we ran on the roads between parks I was still enjoying it. This time, I could barely stand it. Even to two 5Ks I’ve done in Disney have been better with race entertainment. I was so disappointed in the lack of on course entertainment.

The other thing that bothered me about the race was the path entering ESPN’s Wide World of Sports. It was so narrow and tight that it was almost impossible to get around anyone. It was hard to get around people during most of the race. There were so many people walking and the crowd never really thinned out. I always felt like there were people in my way. I’m glad I wasn’t running the full out because I think the crowd would have drove me crazy. I know I may sound like a complainer, but compared to last year’s Wine & Dine, I was disappointed. Both my mom and I have decided this is one we’re not doing again.

After we both finished we decided to head back to the hotel and skip the Villains Hollywood Bash. Although it sounded like so much fun, my ankle was extremely sore following my finish. That last thing I wanted to do was walk through Hollywood Studios. I’m sure it was those few sprints that did it in.

The good news is, I feel pretty good today. My ankle had very minor pain today and that only surfaced after walking around Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival all day. I felt much better than I did after the half last year. Surprising since I didn’t train as well. Plus it helps that I didn’t run a hard and it was three miles less.

Well, that’s my summary of the Tower 10 Miler. Next up, training for the Princess Half!

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  1. I’d say that is an amazing run!!!! No doubt about it.

    1. mlavens says:

      Thanks! I’m glad I got through it.

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