Healthy Living Challenge

My friends over at Central Sweat wrote a great post about ways to keep healthy living simple. I’ve decided to put myself to the test and try out these five ways to improve my lifestyle.

  1. Add something: I’m going to add a daily ab workout. I rarely focus on my abs so I’m committing to do some type of ab work out everyday. It can be anything from 30 sit-ups, to a 60 second plank, to working my obliques. Any type of ab workout everyday.
  2. Remove something: I’m going to stop snacking after 8pm. I’ll get home from class or meetings late at night, turn on the TV, and then snack on whatever is handy. I know it’s not good to eat right before going to bed, so starting at 8pm…no more snacks!
  3. Timing: I’m starting this on Thursday once I’m home from Florida and will continue until I start training for my Half Marathon (Oct. 28th). The reason for this timing is I’m going to do this formula again when I start training.
  4. Tell someone: YOU! All of you that follow my blog now know that I’m going this and you can hold me accountable for it.
  5. Start now: As I mentioned, I’m starting this on Thursday once I’m back home…so not immediate, but soon. Now it’s your time to pick something and START NOW!

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