A Running Survey

I saw this on another blogger’s page that I follow (Chocolate Covered Race Medals) so I decided to do it too!

Best Run Ever: Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon – It was my first half marathon and it was tons of a fun. Plus I finished the race under my goal time, so that was awesome.

Three Words That Describe My Running: Ever-Changing, Focused, Fun

My Go-To Running Outfit: Nike running shorts, Lucy tank top, VS sports bra, and Nike+ AirMax shoes

Quirky Habit While Running: I always listen to music when I run, and when one of my Zumba songs comes on I start doing all the arm movements. I look extremely silly.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening: I’d like to get into morning runs, but I usually do early evening.

I Won’t Run Outside If It’s…raining, snowing, extremely hot, or freezing. I’m a big baby.

Worst Injury And How I Got Over It: I haven’t injured myself while running (knock-on-wood) but I have injured myself outside of it and that causes problems with running. Worst would be a broken ankle and I got over it because I was in a cast and took activities slow once the cast came off.

Potential Running Goal For 2013: Stick to my Princess Half Marathon training schedule (this goal extends into 2014 as well)

Next Race Is: 2014 Disney Princess Half, but I’m sure a few 5K will sneak in before then.

Your turn! Answer these questions and share your running stories!

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