Princess Half Training: Week 2

I had finished my first week of training earlier than scheduled, so I ended up having four days off between runs before the second week started. I did this purposely because Saturday was the first day of my weekend class and my dad also came into town. He was here until bright and early Tuesday morning so that’s when I planned my first run of week two.

I was exhausted after being up at 4:30am to see my dad off. I went back to sleep until 9:30am, but having my sleep interrupted made me groggy, so I decided not to go for a run. Instead, my first run was on Wednesday. I’m glad I held off until Wednesday because my run felt great. I decided to do a run/walk method. I walked for two minutes and ran for three minutes for the full 30 minute run. I ended up averaging 10:46 per mile and ran 2.79 miles total. That pace also happened to be faster than my three runs from last week. I was really excited about it.

Since I pushed my first run back to Wednesday, I decided to push the second run to Friday instead of Thursday. When I woke up on Friday I was tired and really didn’t want to go for a run. I forced myself to do it though. I wasn’t going to let myself slack off, so I got dressed and went to the basement for my 30 minute run on the treadmill.

I practiced the same strategy I did on Wednesday and funny enough, I went the same distance and had the same average pace. Talk about consistency. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen.

It all came down to today’s run. A 4 mile run. The morning didn’t start the way I wanted it to. I slept in until 9:45am, which felt amazing, but put me behind. I was planning on being on the treadmill at that point. Never the less, I made it downstairs to the gym around 10am. I told myself I had to get the warm up, run, and cool down done by 11am if I wanted to be ready for the rest of my day. And I did it.

I ran the 4 miles in 42:42 which came out to a 10:40 pace. Pretty much consistent with the other runs during the week. And overall, this week was slightly faster than last week. I’m so excited about how well things have been going with this training program. This is also keeping me motivated to continue on. I’m actually looking forward to Tuesdays run.


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