Princess Half Training: Week 3

After coming off a great Week 2, I decided I should probably get some runs in outside instead of using the treadmill. I don’t want to get into a pattern where I’m so used to running on the treadmill that my outdoor running suffers. So I figured I would do my first outdoor run on Tuesday.

That didn’t happen. I looked at the weather forecast and know what it said…SNOW! If you read my running survey post then you know I will not run when it’s snowing. As soon as I heard there was a chance of snow, I decided the outdoor run could wait and I was hitting the treadmill again.

Well Tuesday morning rolled around and there was snow. Nothing sticking but enough to make me want to stay in bed and never leave. I finally got myself up from under the covers but could not shake the tired feeling. That reflected in my run big time. I ran 2.52 miles averaging a pace of 11:50 per mile. That’s about a minute slower than my past few runs have been. And even after my run I didn’t feel any perkier. I took a shower and want to go back to bed. Needless to say, it was a long day.

Wednesday is an off day for my training program and I had no intention of going for a run. That was until I got frustrated with a company I had applied for a job with. That’s a whole other story. Instead of letting the thoughts consume my day, I went downstairs and hit the treadmill. Huge difference from yesterday’s run. I ran 2 miles in 19:57 coming out to a 9:57 per mile pace. Much better than yesterday’s pace and I felt emotionally better. Amazing what a run can do.

Thursday I planned on doing the second 30min run of the week, but I happened to be hungover. Rarely does that happen, but a night of trying to make life decisions with a friend turn in to a day of cleaning off the DVR and laying on the couch. I wasn’t too worried about it though because I had gone for a run on Wednesday.

On Friday, my friend PJ from CentralSweat came over and did a private training session with me. My abs are still killing me. But we did some really fun exercises and worked the muscles I haven’t been working with running. I’m glad I’m getting back into cross-training. I need it.

Sunday was my long run; a 5 mile run. It was high 50s and overcast so I decided I would run outside. Plus, for runs over 4 miles, it can be daunting on the treadmill. I was a little nervous starting it because my muscles were still a bit sore from cross-training, but I headed out and down the FDR highway anyways. I ran to where the Williamsburg Bridge hovers Manhattan and back to my apartment. Despite some sore muscles, it actually turned out to be a great run. I completed the 5 miles in 54:39 which comes out to a 10:54 pace. Pretty much where I want it to be!

My pacing was all over the place this week. I had a slow run, a fast run, and an average run. In all honesty though, I’m just glad I successfully did three run this week again. They may not have been perfectly aligned with the training program, but at least I did them! Bring on week 4!

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