Milestone: 400 Miles

Yesterday during my 30min run for my Princess Half Training Program, I hit 400 miles on Nike+. Honestly, it should have happened a year ago. Well…maybe not a year ago since a year ago was when I hit 300 miles, but maybe six months ago. Regardless, I said I wasn’t rushing to 400 and clearly, I didn’t.

400Well now I am going to “rush” to 500 miles. I guess it wouldn’t really be rushing; it’s creating a goal. I’m setting a goal to have logged 500 miles with Nike+ by the Princess Half Marathon at the end of February. I figure with the training program I can do that. Plus, it adds extra motivation to stay on my training program. As long as I stay on the training program, I’ll do it! After all, part of the reason I reached 400 miles yesterday was because I knew I only needed to run 2.8 miles to get there. I told myself that had to be done in 30mins. And it was!

I actually went back and looked at my posts about when I hit 100 miles, 200 miles, and 300 miles. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. When I hit 100, I had only logged 40 runs and was running at a 12:47 pace. At 200 miles I had done 78 runs and dropped my pace down to 12:07 per mile. And at 300 miles I had done 103 runs and was averaging an 11:50 per mile pace. Now at 400 miles I have 138 runs and an 11:43 pace. Each milestone I’ve hit I’ve seen a pace improvement, which is really exciting. I can only hope it continues as I move forward toward the Princess Half.

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