Striiv Pedometer

I’ve got to start this post by stating I love Black Friday. It’s been a tradition with my mom for as long as I can remember. Although I will say it has gotten out of hands in the past few years, and it’s lost some of its appeal. Regardless, we went out Black Friday (although it was still Thanksgiving based on how early the stores opened this year) to get my cousins’ Christmas present. That was a mission at Wal-Mart, which was insane.

After leaving Wally World, we decided to stop by Best Buy and see if there was anything we wanted. I was so surprised at how empty Best Buy was. For a store that’s known for having people camp out for days, I couldn’t believe that it was so empty and that they still had plenty of inventory an hour after opening.

The specific iPad I wanted wasn’t on sale for Black Friday and my mom couldn’t decide on a computer so it was pretty much a wash until we found the Striiv Smart Pedometer. We had been considering getting one for my cousins (one which ran the Turkey Trot with us) to help keep them motivated to train. This pedometer is so cool because it adds a gaming element instead of just counting steps. And in addition to that, for every certain amount of times you step, Striiv donates to a global cause. How cool is that?

striiv-pedometer_HeroThe pedometer ended up being half price, so in addition to buying ones for my cousins, my mom and I each got on too. I’ve been trying mine out for a couple days now, and it totally motivates me to move. The night I got it, I wanted to go out and do things despite how tired I was just because I wanted to continue unlocking things. I hardly count the first night though because I only used it for about two hours so I only walked 285 steps.

The next day was better with 6455 steps, but that’s still under the recommended amount. You’re supposed to take 10,000 steps per day. I was still below that, but I contribute that to going to the Tampa Bay Lightning game because it was a lot of time in the car. The next day was much better because I had to do a 6.5 mile run. I got the 10,000 steps first thing in the morning because of that. The number wasn’t completely accurate the rest of the day though because we went to the pool and then jet skiing and I left the pedometer at home to avoid getting it wet. So some steps weren’t accounted for.

The same can be said for yesterday. The family spent a good amount of time at the beach so the pedometer didn’t account for everything. I worn it down to the beach,  but we played around in the water, so obviously I didn’t wear it then. Plus, my swimsuit was wet, so I didn’t want to wear it on the off chance there’d be water damage.

I highly recommend this pedometer because not only is it helpful, it’s entertaining and motivating. I’m really excited to see how many steps I’ll take now that I’m back in New York and going through my normal routines. Today doesn’t totally count because I was on a plane all afternoon. Tomorrow will be the real test.


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