Princess Half Training: Week 6

This was crunch week at school…that means I’ve been slacking with running.

Monday was an awful day. I left my winter coat and keys in Florida so I had to have the locksmith come and break my deadbolt. I was so frustrated by the end of the day with everything I could have used a run. There wasn’t really time to fit it in until 9pm, and I’m not a fan of running outside that late at night even though I live in a safe neighborhood. If I had my keys and could get into the gym in the basement, I would have gone on the treadmill, but no keys so that didn’t happen.

Tuesday I figured I would start my morning with a run, but I woke up and started working on my thesis. People kept distracting me as I tried working on it so it took longer to get to my stopping point then planned. I also had meetings and other school things to get done, so the day came and went with no run again.

On Tuesday night, I said to myself I’ll go for a run in the morning. Wednesday morning got here and I decided school work was more important and I needed to get some more work done before my meeting and class. No run once again.

Thursday I didn’t go for a run, but I did hit up a Zumba class. I finished a draft of my thesis and sent it off to my advisor, so I figured I would get a workout in and go to Zumba. It was awesome to get back on the dance floor and Zumba. I’ve already signed up to go next week.

Friday was a great day because I did my last presentation of my grad school career! Before going to campus to present, I told myself I’d go for a run afterwards when I got home. But instead I went to dinner with my friends to celebrate and then watched the Wings game. No run…oops!

Saturday was a no-go like normal because of class, which left today. I really thought I’d be able to get a run in, but I spent the whole day proofreading my thesis. No run, but I’m officially done with my thesis for my master’s degree! I’ll take that over a run any day. Plus, my best friend is flying into NYC today and she should be arriving any minute now!

So this week was a complete wash with runs, but I’m honestly okay with it. School took priority over everything this week. And I still managed to walk 10,000+ steps everyday with my Striiv pedometer so I call that success. Now bring on Week 7 so I can get back to training!


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