NYCRUNS Hot Chocolate 10-Miler

Impulse decision! Today I registered for the NYCRUNS Hot Chocolate 10-Miler in Central Park on January 12, 2014. That week my Princess Half Training Program has me running 11 miles. I figure 10 miles is close enough. Plus, this gives me another race before the half to check out my pacing when I’m racing instead of training.

Also, my best friend was in town and she’s doing the Princess Half with me. Last night we were talking about pacing for the race and decided we were going to run for 15-20mins, then walk for 5mins. I figure I’ll practice that strategy during the 10-Miler. That way I’ll have a better idea of how the half will go.

I’m actually really excited about it. Part of the reason is because I know it will help keep me on the training schedule. The other reason is because the 10-Miler in Disney didn’t go so well with the injuries and lack of training. This time I’m hoping it goes much better and that I’ll PR it. My personal record for the last 10-Miler is awful, so I’m looking for a big improvement! Wish me luck!


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