Princess Half Training: Week 7

After coming off a week with no runs, I knew I had to push myself forward and make sure I got the three runs in this week. Can’t slack off now that I don’t have school as an excuse.

My best friend (aka my twin) was in town so on Monday and Tuesday we were out and about in New York City. Even though I didn’t get a run in on Monday or Tuesday, we walked a whole bunch. According to my pedometer on Monday we walked 15,705 steps, went 6.7 miles, and did 206 minutes of activity. On Tuesday it was 18,846 steps, 7.9 miles, and 257 minutes of activity. I’d say that’s pretty awesome for just walking around the city.

Wednesday morning is when my twin returned to Tennessee, so I decided it was time to go for a run. This was the first 30 minute run of the week. The first 10 minutes on the treadmill didn’t feel so good. It just felt hard. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t run for over a week. The next 20 minutes were better. I finally got into my groove and felt much better towards the end. I ended up going 2.78 miles, which came out to a 10:48 pace. A little slower than I was averaging before my week off, but not bad and still better than when I started 7 weeks ago. I’ll take it!

On Thursday I did some cardio cross training and went to Zumba again! It’s so much fun. It never feels like a workout. I’ve already told my boyfriend I’m making him do Zumba with me when he visits for New Years. He’s gonna love it…he just doesn’t know it yet.

My second short run of the week came Friday late-morning. Unlike Zumba, I had no motivation to run that morning. I just felt tired and lazy. I finally made myself go down to the treadmill around 10:30am. I decide to do a walk/run strategy. Instead of doing 3 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking, I did 4 minutes of running and 2 of walking. It gave me a big improvement over Wednesday’s running and an improvement over the times of my past runs during the training program. I did 2.84 miles in the 30 minute time period averaging a 10:32 pace.

The long 8 mile run was planned for Sunday, but after a late Saturday night and an interrupted sleep cycle because my mom and cousins had to be up early to go to the airport, I was too tired to run. I went to my graduation brunch at school and came home and took a nap then lazed around the apartment the rest of the night. Because of this, Week 7 bumped into Week 8 of training.

I was determined to not skip the long run. So today I decided I would go for the 8 mile run. I went downstairs to the gym in the basement. I was worried the sidewalks were too icy to go outside. I would have preferred it because anything over 5 miles on the treadmill gets boring, but I figured better to be safe than sorry.

I should have run outside. The treadmill maintenance guy came in the middle of my run so I only got 5.43 miles in before I was kicked off the treadmill so they could work on it. So much for the 8 mile run. Maybe I’ll do it in place of the 4 mile run during Week 8 of training. I really don’t want to do the 9.5 miles without getting the 8 mile run in first.


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