A Sleep Experiment

I love sleep. I really do. I would sleep for ten hours if I could. The problem is…I’m a night owl, so I’ll stay up until midnight, 1am or even 2am without a care. That puts a damper on getting my desired ten hours of sleep. Hell, it puts a damper on eight hours of sleep.

My sleep schedule has also changed now that I’m not working and only focusing on my schoolwork. Without worrying about getting up at 7:45am every morning to make it to work and no longer having a school schedule, I’m finding myself setting alarms for 8:30am, 9:15, or even 10am based on what I want to do that day. Not the best for my internal clock.

In all honesty, I try to go to bed early but things always distract me or I don’t feel tired and figure if I’ve got the energy, I might as well stay up and do something, right? Wrong.

Well I came across a tweet from Fitness Magazine about becoming a morning person. At the time I couldn’t dedicate the time to try this experiment. I was getting ready to do my 10-Miler and that in itself was going to throw off my sleep schedule. Then I was working on my thesis so that added to late nights and early morning to get the writing done. Again, throwing off my sleep schedule. Well now, with Christmas break and nothing to do, I’m going to try it.

For the rest of the week I’m going to examine my current sleep schedule. When I actually go to bed, when I actually wake up, how many times I hit snooze, etc. Following that I’m going to spend one week not using an alarm clock to determine my body’s sleep needs. The girl that went through this in Fitness Magazine was unable to do this approach and focused on eight hours instead. That’s going to be my next step.

Once I’ve reset my body’s natural clock, I’ll focus on eight hours. Right now I’m looking at doing midnight to 8am, and of course, no snooze button. Since I’m training for the half marathon, getting up at 8am means going for a run at 8am. Yes, that is the goal and the plan.

I’m hoping this means I’ll get on a schedule again now that I’m not working and one that I feel good about. Stay tuned as I go on my journey to becoming a morning person.

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