Race Patterns

So I took a look at my Races page and noticed I ran 5 races both last year and this year. Funny enough both years consisted of four 5Ks and one longer race. Well 2014 my goal is to break this pattern. I want to do six races with at least two of them being long races. So far I’m on track for that…maybe even more. I signed up for the 10-Miler in Central Park and if I do the Coast to Coast Challenge I’ll get the two more long races in. Just have to make sure I get the other races in (regardless of length). I think 2014 might be my year!

So far this is what my projected race calendar looks like. Some of these I’ve signed up for and others I haven’t but want to.

  • NYCRUNS Hot Chocolate 10-Miler (January 2014)
  • NYCRUNS M-M-Manhattan Hot Chocolate 5K (February 2014)
  • Disney’s Princess Half Marathon (February 2014)
  • Disneyland 10K (August 2014)
  • Disneyland Half Marathon (August 2014)
  • Sarasota Turkey Trot (November 2014)

So far, that makes six. Now let’s see if I can get these all in…and maybe more!

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