RunChat Holiday Hunt!

Who wouldn’t want to do a scavenger hunt while running? Well I think it sounds like fun. RunChat was doing a Holiday Scavenger Hunt going from Thanksgiving to the day after Christmas. And of course, silly me forgot to check before doing the Turkey Trot where I could have gotten at least half of the things on the list. Oh well…that’s the way it is. It just meant I had to be really aware of my surroundings on my future runs. Here’s the list of things you had to find:


On my first run of scavenger hunting I came across three of the items: inflatable holiday decorations, a snowman, and a porta-potty. Since I was running in Florida and along a path we drive daily, I knew where the inflatable decorations were. Not long after I passed those I came across a snowman decoration so I got that as well. The funnier part was as I was running near the beach, a bunch of condos and houses were under construction. I remember thinking to myself, how I have not come across a porta-potty? Well I had…I had actually passed about five of them. I noticed them all on my way back. Not sure how I missed them before, but at least I got them on the way back.

While I was home from New York for Christmas I got the railroad crossing. I’m honestly kicking myself for not running outside more often and not checking the list before the Turkey Trot. Had I done those things, I think I would have gotten all the things on the list. Oh well. Maybe next time!

Who else participated? How’d the rest of you do?


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