Princess Half Training: Week 9

I’ve pretty much given up on trying to train during the holidays. I keep thinking I’ll be able to get a run in, but the days come and go and I haven’t.

Monday I finally slept in after getting no sleep the days before. But it was also a day of prepping for Christmas and attending a holiday party. That meant no run. Tuesday I thought I’d make it to the gym, but I spent the day shopping with my mom so we’d have everything ready for our Christmas meal. That evening we went to my grandparents’ for dinner so no run again. Wednesday was Christmas so I already knew that meant no run. Thursday my mom and I went to Grand Rapids to visit family so there was no hope of a run then either. Friday I had a nail appointment in the morning and spent the afternoon at Hockeytown WinterFest for the Great Lakes Invitational. No run again.

Saturday I finally made it to the gym. I did a 30 minute run on the treadmill. I went 2.76 miles averaging a 10:51 pace. I had planned on doing an easy run because I was going to try out the Zumba class. The time didn’t really reflect “easy” but I wasn’t really out of breath or tired at the end of it, so that was good.

I did go to the Zumba class after my run too. It was pretty different from the one I usually go to in New York. I can’t really peg what it is that made it feel so different, but it was fun. I was glad I went, especially since I hadn’t worked out all week. The only problem was I came home with a sore hip. Spent the rest of the day stretching.

Today I set out to do my long run. This week’s long run was 9.5 miles. For once I had my mental game going. I lost in the physical aspect. The first 3 miles were fine. My hip was a little sore but nothing too bad. Then my knee started acting up. And of course, it happened to be the knee on the opposite of my hip. It then became a battle to finish. When I walked my knee felt better but my hip was sore. Then I’d run and my hip felt better but my knee killed. I told myself once I got home I was stopping regardless of mileage.

I made it 6.52 miles before stopping. I was three miles short of the scheduled run, but I don’t even care. There’s no way I could have pushed through the pain to get there. My sore body reflected in the average pace. And if you looked from mile to mile, each one went down in time. I ended up with an 11:45 pace.

I hoping I start feeling better next week because I have my 10-Miler in two weeks and I don’t want to have a rough time with that. I already had a bad race the first time I ran a 10-Miler and I don’t want that to happen again. Looks like I’ll be taking in easy this upcoming week and doing a lot of stretching.


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