Princess Half Training: Week 10

This week started out slow. Monday seemed like the best option to get my first 30min run in, but that would have been three runs, three days in a row on sore body parts. I opted to hold off.

20140102-000255.jpgTuesday and Wednesday were consumed with hockey games. As a huge hockey fan I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs face off in the Winter Classic and the alumni game. Watching hockey in the cold and snow was much better than a run.

Thursday I made the trip down to Florida for a very exciting reason; a job interview! Plus, Thursday was an insanely snowy day in Michigan so even if I wanted to go for a quick run it wasn’t going to happen in 5inches of snow and I preferred not to drive to the gym in the horrible weather conditions. Driving to the airport was going to be enough for one day.

Friday I planned on going for the first 30min run, but I was helping my mom with so much at the condo the day got away from me. On Saturday I started my day with a run. I figured if I didn’t do it in the morning, I wouldn’t get one in again like yesterday. I ended up running 2.86 miles coming out to a 10:29 average pace. The only annoying thing is Nike+ hasn’t recorded my miles. It show the run and gives me the info, but doesn’t add it to my overall mileage or place me on the leader board with my friends. I’m not too happy about it.

Today I did my long run, which was only 4 miles this week. I did the 4 miles in 45:36 coming out to an 11:23 average pace. Not my best, but part of that is because I walked out to the beach at one point, so that slowed my pace. Regardless, I’m happy I got out this morning to run. But I’m still unhappy because my Nike+ app didn’t update my miles again. It’s really frustrating because I use that app for tracking everything related to my run. I’m glad I still get the information about each individual run, but I don’t like that it won’t update the overall data. I want to see the changes. Looks like I’m contacting Nike now.

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