Central Park Hot Chocolate 10-Miler

Today I took another stab at the 10-Miler and it went much better than before. I would’t have believed that from the beginning though.

I got to the location a little earlier than I planned. That meant I was cold and it was a struggle to stay warm. I kept pacing back and forth trying to move my body to stay warm. I didn’t take my coat off and give it to bag check until 15mins before start time. In the corral I was so cold and just wanted to start running. I don’t think I actually warmed up until the second mile of the race.

unnamedThe good news was, I just kept jogging. I don’t know if it was because I was cold or just in a great state of mind, but I didn’t take a break to walk until after running three miles. And it wasn’t even a long walking break because as soon as I stopped I thought to myself, “I can keep running.” And that’s how the rest of the race went. I only took four short walking breaks, two on each lap, and I didn’t stop for water at every station. This was totally uncharacteristic of me for a race of any distance. Normally I take a good amount of walking breaks and stop at all the water stations.

As I was running I didn’t even feel that tired out either. The course had a lot of downhill areas…or at least I thought so. We did two laps of Central Park and on the first lap I was like, this is awesome, so many downhills! Anytime I thought, “maybe I’ll take a break” another downhill section came up so I decided against it and let the momentum take me along. Second lap I realized we first ran up a hill. I have no idea how I missed that before. I was even questioning myself and thinking I went the wrong way somewhere, but that wasn’t the case. I just missed it somehow. As I continued the second lap I realized we were going uphill just as much as we wet going downhill. I guess I was in such a great state of mind on the first lap, I didn’t even notice the hills. I’ll take it though!

I ended up finishing the race with a 1:46:21 time, coming  out to a 10:38 average pace. I was extremely excited about it. My goal was to finish in two hours and this was almost 15mins under that goal time. It was better than I was expecting and I couldn’t be happier. Now if only my legs weren’t so sore!


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  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Well done! Central Park is hilly, especially on the north side!

    1. mlavens says:

      Yeah, that’s where we started the race. I’m just glad I didn’t realize it until the second lap or the race could have been completely different.

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