Princess Half Training: Week 11

Week 11 started off with my first short run on Monday. That meant I ran three days in a row, which is something that hasn’t happened for a long time. My guess is it was while I was in undergrad when I would go to the gym to watch the soaps. Anyways, I just got a heart rate monitor and wanted to try and keep my heart rate below 180 for the majority of the run. I’ve discovered I let my heart rate go too high for too long when I run sometimes so I want to work on keeping it lower while still building speed.

Majority of the time when I run the short-30min runs of the training program, I get about 2.8 miles in. Since I was trying to control my heart rate, I went a little slower than normal. I ended up going 2.71 miles averaging out to an 11:04 pace. Not bad in comparison to my other runs. I also had an average heart rate of 169 so it was under 180 like I had hoped, so that’s good too!

I never got my second 30min run in. Between flight issues and my friends coming into town, it just got away from me. I did get a long run in this week though. I was scheduled for an 11 mile run, but I had signed up for a 10-Miler so that’s what I ended up doing. You can read about my race experience here, but basically my time was 1:46:21 coming out to a 10:38 average pace. I was extremely happy with it, and this makes me feel better about what my pacing will look like on race day for the Princess Half. Only a few more weeks now!

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