Ringling Bridge Run

This morning I did my second race of 2014; The Ringling Bridge Run. This four mile run went through Sarasota, across the Ringling Bridge and back. This was my second time running the bridge. The first was last November during the Turkey Trot.

Waking up this morning was rough. I was having the best sleep I’d been having in a while when the alarm went off. Both my mom and I were debating if we really wanted to go. It was cold and windy and I  really didn’t want to run over a bridge in the wind. We finally dragged are asses up and out and made it to the race a few minutes before it started.

imageSince my mom was going on and on about how cold it was I layered up. Dumb idea on my part because before I hit the first mile I was already hot. I should have known I wouldn’t need both a long sleeve top and jacket when I had just done the 10-Miler in Central Park and it was much colder and I wore less. The wind that had me worried before was welcomed with how hot and sweaty I was getting.

The windiest part was the bridge which is expected. The bridge is about a mile long and it was in the middle of the race so it was when I needed to cool down the most. Going over the bridge the first time was much easier than coming back. I don’t know what it was but it felt like walking up it was faster than running it. The good news is, that was the only time I walked during the full four miles and it was between the second and third miles. I just kept telling myself if I could do the 10-Miler last weekend without taking long walking breaks I could surely run four miles. I probably wouldn’t have taken the walking break if it hadn’t felt faster than running.

I finished with a time of 41:50 which comes out to a 10:27 average pace. It was basically the same pace at which I ran the 10-Miler. I’m so excited that I’ve been able to do these two races without really taking a break and been running at roughly a 10:30 average pace. It makes me feel great about the half marathon and my hopes of PRing it. It can only get better, right?

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