Princess Half Training: Week 12 & 13

I didn’t do my Week 12 recap at the end of last week because the only run I got in was the Ringling Bridge Run on Saturday, which I wrote a recap about. Since I was packing for my quick move from New York to Florida, I never made time for the short half hour runs during the week. If it hadn’t been for the Ringling Bridge Run, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the four mile run in either. That was just how my week was going.

This week seemed as it might be a challenge for me as well. Since it was my first week of work I was worried I might not get my runs in. I was used to running at nine or ten in the morning. When I was working in the past I never ran before work and had the gym to go to afterwork. Being in Florida meant I had to drive home after work then run on the street. Something I haven’t been used to doing.

My first short run was scheduled for Tuesday. I had every intention of going for a run when I got home from work…but I didn’t. I was so tired I wanted to go to bed as soon as I got home. So instead of running, I relaxed in front of the TV.

On Wednesday I found out my company offers a discount gym membership at LA Fitness, so I signed up. That meant Thursday after work I could hit the gym and get my run in! And I actually did it. It was only a 20 minute run instead of 30 minutes, but still good. I ran 1.84 miles coming out to a 10:55 pace. A little slower than I’ve been running, but not too bad.

This weekend was my 12 mile run. I had planned on doing it on Saturday but it was my birthday and when it came down to it, I didn’t actually go for a run. I had every intention of going for a run today but then it started raining and we all know I won’t run in the rain, so I never went.

I’m planning to make up for missing the run this weekend by doing it next weekend. I only have a four mile run scheduled, so I’m perfectly fine with switching it up to get the 12 in.

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