Team runDisney Photo A Day Challenge

For those of you following me on Instagram, you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been doing everyday with the hashtag #TrDPhotoADay. Well, Team #runDisney gave us a photo challenge for the month of January to find a variety of items on out runs or related to our runs. Here’s what we needed to collect and here’s how the experience went!

1476427_10201112328230421_1568538665_nThe first day already proved to be hard. How was I supposed to take a picture of my monthly goals? I ended up creating a collage picture with the NYCRUNS logo and a picture of hot chocolate with the text “PR the Hot Chocolate 10-Miler” because that was my main goal for the month. And good news, I did it!

The next few days were much easier. And on the seventh I was excited to post a picture of my favorite Disney character. It just happens to be Dumbo and last year I dressed as Dumbo for the Royal Family 5K, so of course I had to make a collage of both the animated character and me dressed that way.

It got a little harder again the 17th-19th (the weekend of the Tinkerbell Half in Disneyland). I especially felt that way about “Wings.” I know they did this because the Tinkerbell Half was that day, but I didn’t have anything related to wings from my past runs. I ended up just posting a picture of Tinkerbell. I thought about being funny and posting a picture of the Detroit Red Wings logo since I’m a huge fan, but I controlled myself and stuck with the Disney theme.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.00.51 PMThe photos following the Tinkerbell Half weekend weren’t exactly hard, but required some creativity. Like motivation or food. Those are relatively easy to think of, but require some creativity for the picture.

I also started to slack off toward the end of the month. Part of it was because I started my job, so I wasn’t thinking as much about the photo challenge. I still managed to get every photo in on the correct day, I just wasn’t as creative as I had been the first few weeks. For example, it would have been easy enough to take a “selfie” picture on day 27 but I remembered the challenge at night and I did not look very pretty at that point, so I was not taking a
“selfie.” I used an old one. The following day was “sunrise” and I did not wake up in time to see that, so I got creative and used a graphic sunrise instead.

Today was the final day, and it was “monthly mileage.” I ran 31 miles this month. I expected more than that, but if you’ve been reading my recaps from half marathon training you’ll know I skipped out my short runs during Week 12 and Week 13 I skipped my long run (hoping to make that up this weekend). All in all, I’m happy with it because it was more than I ran last month! Now lets see how high I can get my miles up in February.

Did anyone else else participate in the Team Run Disney Photo a Day Challenge? What did you think of it? How’d it go for you?


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