Princess Half Training: Week 14

I had a hard time getting back in the swing of things this week. Between starting my career at Feld Entertainment and settling in in Florida, I hadn’t been running. I skipped my long run on Week 13, which means I had to make it up this week and I didn’t even get my first short run in until Wednesday. I did a 30 minute run and made it 2.7 miles. That came out to an average pace of 11:05 per mile. Not my best, but I was fine with it. I was also on the treadmill which I don’t like as much because I’m not as good at finding my pace. I run faster outside because I just go with the flow. If I set the treadmill to the pace I run outside, I tend to feel more tired and out of breathe. I’m not sure what it is, but I can never find a comfortable speed on the treadmill.

On Thursday I did another treadmill run because I don’t get off work until 5:30 and it’s dark by the time I get home so I don’t want to run outside. I hate running at night because it’s harder for drivers to see me. Plus, Florida drivers scare me. Too many old people and young people that traffic is always crazy. Safer to be in the gym on a treadmill.

This run was exactly the same as Wednesday’s run — 30 minutes, 2.7 miles, 11:05 pace. Talk about consistency. Clearly I have a treadmill pace and an outdoor pace.

All that was left was the long run. Scheduled this week was only 4 miles, but I decided to switch it out with last weekend’s long run since I skipped it. The plan was to run 12 miles. I woke up and felt tired but knew if I didn’t get out there and get it over with I probably wouldn’t get it done. I started out on my trek feeling fine. Around the third mile I started feeling crappy so I broke out my sport jelly beans and had a few there. I started to fell better again, but not great. This back and forth continued throughout the run. The last mile I just wanted to stop. Obviously I couldn’t because I had to get home somehow but I just felt like I couldn’t go on.

The mental side of things was beating me down today. I just couldn’t get myself going. I tried to tell myself, “just run to that crosswalk and you can take a break” or “there’s only 2 miles until the half way point and you’ve run 2 miles plenty of times” but nothing seemed to help. “I can’t” took over too often.

I was just shy of 12 miles when I got home. I ran 11.98 miles in 2:19:16 averaging 11:37 per mile. Not where I wanted to be especially because my 10-Miler went so well. I was hoping I’d have a pace similar to that. My only thought is, the 10-Miler went so well because I had my race day mentality. Same can be said for the 4-Miler the following weekend. Both of those were great paces for me. I think because it was a race I had a different, better mentality than just running on my own. I’m hoping that means when race day comes for the Princess Half I’ll be running faster and better.


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  1. Sometimes you bring it and sometimes you don’t. No worries. You got it done so that counts for 99%. I’m sure you’ll have a great race at Princess. Enjoy!

    1. mlavens says:

      Thanks! And congrats on all your runDisney races. It sounded like such an adventure and it’s an amazing accomplishment. 🙂

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