Princess Half Training: Week 15

We are finally in February with only a couple weeks remaining before the Princess Half Marathon. That means is crunch time and I have to do my best at getting every run in. This week started as any other with a short 30 minute run on Tuesday.

Brooks-Ghost-6-Running-Shoe-Review-620-1-800x567I decided to try out my new Brooks Ghost 6 shoes. I got fitted for shoes last week and it was between the Brooks and a pair of Nike’s. I was leaning toward the Nike shoes because that’s what I always wear, but I decided to give the Brooks a try after the woman at Fleet Feet said everyone loves these shoes.

I haven’t decided how I feel about them yet. At the start of the run, I didn’t like how they felt. Toward the end of the run they were feeling better. It’s like my ice skates; I know I have to break them in. At the end of my 30 minute run I was willing to give them another try.

As for my 30 minute run, I ran 2.76 miles which comes out to a 10:50 per mile pace. I’m happy with that because it’s better than my treadmill pace from last week. Hell, its better than my pacing in general from last week. Just needed to keep it up as the week went on.

Wednesday I finally made it to a Zumba class! It wasn’t the best class I’ve been too. The music was all relatively the same and towards the end there were a lot of belly dancing moves. I would have preferred a more traditional Zumba class, but I was glad I went and burned some calories! I also bought a Nike+ SportWatch that day so I don’t have to use my phone’s GPS every time I run.

Nike-SportWatch-GPS-with-Sensor-Powered-by-TomTom--WM0069_100_AMy second run of the week did not go as planned. On Thursday I forgot my hair tie, was trying to figure out how to sync my new Nike+ SportWatch with my shoe, and I had sore muscles from Zumba. My hair was driving me crazy because I could feel it sticking to my back as I was sweating. Because of it, I decided to only run 2 miles instead of my scheduled 30 minute run. Since I had been so frustrated with things I ran really fast! I ended up finishing the two miles in 19:21 which comes out to a 9:41 average pace. Amazing! I haven’t run that fast in a long time. I was so glad to see those results when I was done.

I knew my long run this weekend wouldn’t be that fast because I can’t keep a 9:40 pace for 14 miles (as seen last week with my 12 mile run at an 11:37 pace), but it did give me confidence going into the 14 mile run and shows my cardio strength is getting better. It was just the boost I needed after last week’s slow runs and before the daunting 14 mile run.

That brings me to the 14 miles on Saturday. As the morning rolled around and I woke up exhausted. I considered waiting until today to do the run, but I made myself get out of bed and get going. My muscles were still sore from Zumba on Wednesday and my run on Thursday. When I hit 7 miles, I decided to call  it quits. My legs were sore and I wasn’t in the mood to put more pressure on them. The half is only two weeks away and I didn’t want to push it. I’m confident I can finish the half in my goal time just based on my fantastic finishing time at the Hot Chocolate 10-Miler and how my overall pacing has improved. I’m not going to stress about this run not being what it should have been. At least I went out and did it. And in fact, I hit 500 miles with Nike+ for doing it. That’s an accomplishment in itself.


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