Princess Half Training: Week 16

Happy Valentines Day!

This week I changed my running schedule a bit to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday because tomorrow morning I leave for New York! Since I have President’s Day off on Monday I decided to take a quick trip back to chilly New York to get some more things from my apartment and visit some friends. I figured I wouldn’t have time to get a run in and I didn’t want to stress about it, so better to get them all in before I leave. So here’s how the week went.

The first run was the typical 30min run. It was pretty typical too. I went 2.74 miles which comes out to a 10:57 average pace. Nothing really exciting happened during the run either. I was just doing my thing. I adjusted the pace of the treadmill a few times because I still can’t find that pace I’m really comfortable with, but overall it was a pretty average run and I’m perfectly OK with that.

On Tuesday I gave myself a break which felt weird because that’s a standard gym day for me. I ended up running a couple errands instead. I will be honest though, it’s made me confused about what day of the week it is pretty much everyday.

Anyways, on Wednesday I planned on doing my second 30min run of the week. Well a downpour of rain changed that plan. Yes, I was going to the gym and going to run in doors, but the weather was so nasty I didn’t want to be out in it if I didn’t have to. Instead I went home and watched the Olympics. It was a much better plan by far.

Basically the same thing happened on Thursday. I planned to run and do Zumba but I decided I need to go home and pack for my New York trip instead. And I wanted to watch men’s figure skating. It was a better use of my time I’ve got to admit. I wasn’t so panicky this morning before leaving for work and I’m pretty sure that means I didn’t forget anything important (fingers crossed).

When I was planning my week, I figured I would run this morning before going to work. I didn’t. I know I’m not really going to get the chance tonight since I’m driving to the airport and staying at the hotel. I’m also pretty sure I won’t get a run in this weekend because I have way too much to pack and I want to visit with friends. That mean, this week was a wash.

Next week is the race so I’m going to get my short runs in during the week. I just want to have those easy jogs done before the big 13.1 next Sunday. Here goes nothing!

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