Sharks Tooth 10K Training

I’m running my first 10k in April called the Sharks Tooth 10K in Venice, FL. Amazing that I’ve been running for over two years and I hadn’t done an actual 10K race before. Time to do it I guess!

Today marks the first day of my 10K training program. It is also the last week of my half marathon training, which means I will not be following week one’s training plan and instead, I will be using week 17 of my half marathon training plan. I figure it’s not a problem because I’m still running and I’d rather have an easy run week before the half than start a new program.

The training program that I’m using is the Intermediate Nike+ Coach training from the Nike+ running app. It actually seems like a more intense training program than my half marathon plan. I’m up for the challenge though. Here’s how the first week is laid out:

  • Monday: Run 4 miles
  • Tuesday: Run 3 miles
  • Wednesday: Cross-train
  • Thursday: Run 3 miles
  • Friday: Run 5 miles
  • Saturday: Rest

For my half marathon I only need to do two short 30 minute runs, with the race being on Sunday. I’ll take that over this program to start with. Week two of the 10K training program is when I’ll actually start it. Until then, wish me luck on the half!


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