StrideBox Update

A few months ago I wrote about an awesome subscription service for runners called StrideBox. Over the past couple months the delivery had been getting slower and slower and I was starting to get annoyed. When I first signed up the box would arrive no later than the 5th of each month. Around November I noticed it coming closer to the 10th of the month and then it just got slower. I was really disappointed at first because I loved the box of goodies delivered to me every month. With the crazy shipping dates I would run out of the items before the next box would come and I’d have to wait awhile. I even considered discontinuing my subscription because I felt like I was paying for something I wasn’t getting. But then I got this email…

Hello Runner,Hey, it’s James, the founder of StrideBox. I thought it would be good for me to give you a little update on the “State” of StrideBox, and maybe a little behind the scenes info each month, and since this is month was our 1 year birthday, there was no time like the present to start…

Let’s talk this month about shipping.

Early in January, we felt that to continue to provide awesome StrideBoxes every month, we needed to either start charging for shipping, increase the price of our box, or find a new shipping provider. We chose to go with a new shipping provider.

We did this for a few reasons, first, it would allow us to continue to provide high quality boxes to our current subscribers at the same price while continuing to grow StrideBox. Second, it would allow us to have fewer lost packages, and enable better, more detailed tracking for your Box. Third, this same provider does shipping for BIG companies including cosmetic box BirchBox, so we felt comfortable with their expertise. The only drawback was that it would add a day or two over our regular Priority Mail delivery times for some locations.

OK, so I know you’re thinking “Wait, my box is taking WAAAAAAY longer than that to get here.” Well, that’s likely true, and this is not indicative of what the future will look like. So what is taking so long? Well, boxes are getting delivered now, but the biggest problem happened when they were leaving our warehouse on the 7th. On that day, we had over 16″ of snow within 24 hours, and another 8-12″ here throughout that weekend.

This meant our shipment was ready on time to ship, but it took a few extra days to get out of Oregon. The shipping info shows it arrived in our shipping distribution center in NV on February 12th. This should have been the 8th. 4 days delayed!?!?!? (This was coupled with a few other weather delays throughout the US due to weather.)

I am still a little freaked out about this, and I know I’ve added a few more gray hairs because of it. I also jumped in and helped answer a ton of emails from our awesome runscribers with questions about why this is taking so long, and trust us, we feel a little helpless because basically we didn’t have an answer to the weather.

We apologize for the long delay, but unfortunately, this one was way beyond our control.

What this has done is facilitated our need for a contingency plan that we are working on should this happen again.

Hopefully this clears up some of the questions you have about the long shipping times. Again, I am disappointed, like you, that our boxes are taking so long to deliver. If we could, we would go out to everyone and deliver them ourselves. This was possible when we started, but a year and thousands of subscribers later, we have to trust someone else.

I appreciate the trust and understanding that you put into StrideBox to deliver you cool running stuff each and every month. I look forward to continuing to find new and interesting running nutrition products and accessories to help you find the products that fit your running lifestyle.

Thanks again, and…

Just Keep Running,

James Erickson

I felt much better after receiving this email. I was excited to hear how the company has grown and that the delay in shipping was due to helping subscribers save money and weather. Weather should have crossed my mind, but sadly, it didn’t. I was so glad that StrideBox sent out this email to help clear some things up and explain what has been happening in the company.

Receiving this email was just what I needed as a subscriber. I’m going to keep my service with them because now I understand why the shipping has changed. All people want to know is what’s happening and why. StrideBox answered that for me. Although I loved getting my treats right at the beginning of the month, I’m glad I know why they aren’t coming then and now know to plan my month differently.

I still highly recommend this to subscription service to any and all runners. It’s a great price (only $15/per month) and you get a great variety of products. If you’re interested in getting a StrideBox of your own check out their site here.

And yay! This was my 200th post. 


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