Team runDisney February Challenge

Last month Team runDisney did a Photo-A-Day Challenge…well, the fun continued into February. I still managed to complete the challenge, but I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it this month as I was last month. It’s surprising because I was actually doing a runDisney race this month, but I think it was just losing it’s thrill entering the second month. Anyways, here’s what we needed to take pictures of and how it went.


The first day started out like January; the goals for the month. As in January, I only had one goal for the month and that was to PR the Princess Half Marathon. Even more so, I wanted to finish in 2:20; a big jump from my last half marathon. I didn’t actually achieve that goal, but if you check out my blog post on the Princess Half, you understand why I was perfectly OK with that.

Favorite Disney Song was a hard one because I love so many Disney songs it’s hard to pick just one. And then when you pick one, it’s hard to represent it. I ended up going with “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” from the Aristocats. The picture had the three little cats with music notes and the lyrics. Seemed like a great fit to me!

Day 12 was “time” and I had planned on posting a picture from my run that day and the time it took me to run, but I ended up being lazy that day and didn’t run. I ended up posting a picture of Olympic Pairs skaters Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir with the time the event was starting on NBC that evening. It was all I could muster up.

Non-runDisney race bling on day 17 was another hard one. I only have two non-runDisney race medals and both are at my parents’ house in Michigan. I happened to be in New York that day. I searched through the photos on my phone but came up short with any medal pictures. Even my ice skating ones for that matter. Granted I could have pulled one off Facebook, but instead I decided to post a picture of a race medal I hope to get one day; The Detroit Half Marathon. At least it was running related.

I missed one day; day 17. I even had a plan for “critters” but the day got away from me. I ended up posting it a day late along with day 18’s photo, but it just made me feel like giving up for the rest of the month. It was like I missed a day why continue? Here was my reason for continuing…The Princess Half Marathon!

imagePrincess Half Marathon weekend was during days 21-23! That meant my photos were specifically runDisney related. For “pink” I used my sparkly pink tutu that I ran in for the race. For “princess” I used the picture of my friend and I outside the Fit for a Princess Expo with footmen. And on race day, the photo was “tiara” so of course I took a picture of my tiara with my medal. So much fun!

After race weekend, the challenge started to lose it’s appeal. The only good part of it was there was only five days to go because February is a short month. “Cool Race Swag” was a good one. A lot of people posted things they got from the Princess Half, but I showed off some of my NYCRUNS race swag. They always give cool stuff like coffee mugs and backpacks. They’re things I tend to use more than zillions of t-shirts.

I was excited to get to monthly mileage though. It was  higher than last month’s mileage (the half marathon helped) so I was excited to show it off. This month I ran 53.3 miles! And I think that was my highest month; if not, it’s close.

Hope everyone enjoyed the February #TrDPhotoADay challenge!


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