Sharks Tooth 10K Training: Weeks 1 & 2

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the first week of training for the Sharks Tooth 10K overlapped with my last week of half marathon. I opted to follow the half marathon program (for the most part) but I never did a recap of those training days before I ran the half. It only felt appropriate to summarize it in this post along with this past week.

So my half marathon training program was pretty simple. A 30 minute run on Tuesday and a 30 minute run on Thursday. I did a little more than that. The 10K training program wanted me to do three mile runs both those days. Since 30 minutes gets me close to three miles, I decided to run the three miles and go a little over the 30 minute run.

On Tuesday of last week I ran the three miles (well 3.1 – I tend to do 5Ks for three mile runs) in 35:02. Nike+ Coach (the function on the Nike+ Running app) said to do an easy three mile run to be fresh for cross-training on Wednesday. I did just that by running at an average pace of 11:16 per mile instead of the under-11 pace I try to run at for those shorter runs. It went well and I felt pretty good coming off of it. Ready for my personal training session on Wednesday.

At LA Fitness I had a free personal training session as an offer from the gym. I was able to schedule it for last Wednesday, which was perfect because that’s a cross-training day on the 10K program. The half marathon program didn’t call for anything on Wednesday but I figured there was no harm in a little cross-training. And it was on Wednesday, so plenty of time for my muscles to repair and relax before the half.

The workout was pretty good. It started with a warm up on the treadmill, that was driving me crazy. It took ever ounce of willpower not to up it to at least 4mph from the 3.5 it was at. That’s slow…even for a warm up, it’s slow. After that we worked on the areas that I wanted to target most: upper body and abs. I was surprised how fast we were done though. I figured it was probably because we spent the first half talking about my fitness goals and calculating my BMI and all that fun stuff.

Following the workout, we went back to his desk and he tried to talk me into signing up for the training program. The workout itself was okay and I like having someone there to motivate me, but when he gave me the price tag, I nearly burst out laughing. The amount of money LA Fitness wants to charge for their training session is way too high for this girl. Granted I know that personal trainers do not come cheap, but I still wasn’t convinced. I told him that and he worked on getting the price down a substantial amount, but I still wasn’t biting. Especially because while he was crunching the numbers, I was reading the sheet about the training program and guess what…the work out is only 25 minutes. For sure I wasn’t footing the money after reading that. I would rather take the money and put it towards becoming a personal trainer versus hiring one. And in addition to all that, he was very unprofessional. A couple times while we were meeting he’d get interrupted and start having a side conversation with other trainer or people in the gym. It was annoying but I brushed it off. What really sent me over the edge was while we were going through my training session, another trainer came over and was talking to him about the Venice club closing and they should go steal a bunch of equipment from there like they did with a past club that closed. I don’t care if you want to do that, but don’t say that with a client around. That was extremely unprofessional and I could never work with someone that did that or at least was talking about it while I’m trying to get my workout in.

As I kept protesting he kept trying to come from every angle as to why I should invest in my health and this training program. I wasn’t biting. After all, I work in PR and I know that he was spinning it any way he could to make the sale. I sure this program is great for some people, but it’s not what I want. Being a figure skater, runner, and Zumba instructor, I know how to be healthy and what I need to do to keep my lifestyle balanced. Paying a training hundreds of dollars a month to tell me that is not worth it to me. I’m confident I can achieve my goals on my own.

That brings me to Thursday. I expected to feel sore after my training session from the night before. I didn’t really. There was a little soreness in my arms, but it wasn’t much. That only confirmed that I wasn’t investing my money in their training program. I like having that minor soreness the following day when I complete a strength training workout. I know that it’s working then. But enough about that.

Thursday brought the last run before the half marathon. Again, the half program had me scheduled for a 30 minute run. I planned on doing the three mile run like the  10K training program called for, but I had dinner plans with a friend so I wanted to make sure I had time to clean myself up afterwards, so I stuck with the 30 minute run. It went really well. I did intervals of walk for two minutes and run for three minutes. I ended up going 2.85 miles in the 30 minutes, which comes out to a 10:31 average pace. It was a great run to have before going into the half!

This week I didn’t exactly follow the training schedule, but for good reasons. On Sunday I did the Princess Half Marathon. I was only scheduled for a three mile run. So I ran 10.1 miles more than I needed to. That meant I was taking Monday off. I needed to rest after the half. I was not doing the scheduled five mile run. That would have been torture on my legs and my knee that was a little sore. I wanted to take my time to recover.

I went for a run on Tuesday but took it easy since I was still in the recovery process. I would walk a quarter of a mile, then run a quarter of a mile. I actually felt really good following it. My quads were still a bit sore but not as bad. I think the run loosened them up a bit. Even if I did only average a 12:02 pace for the 3 miles.

Wednesday brought another cross training day. I had originally planned on hitting the gym and going to a class, but as I left work the sky turned dark and looked like it was about to pour, so I opted for some strength training at home. I did the Muscle Definer workout from the Nike+ Training Club app while I watched Frozen. It was a much better decision.

On Thursday I skipped my 3 mile run because it was my mom’s birthday and we went out to dinner. So it was important to get my 5 mile run in on Friday. I did it in 54:45 which comes out to a 10:56 average pace. What was good about this run is I started out slower and got faster each mile. The last mile was actually my fastest. I guess I’m finally getting the hang of pacing!

Today I thought about making up my 3 mile run from Thursday, but yesterday Nike+ got mad at me when I finished my 5 mile run saying I was overtraining because I ran more miles this week than it wanted me too. Obviously I had the half marathon in there so that’s why, but I decided I would make it any more upset. I’ll wait and start with week three tomorrow.

And sorry for the really long post. I’ll update one week at a time from here on out.

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