Sharks Tooth 10K Training: Week 3

This was the first week that  I didn’t go into the program knowing I wasn’t going to follow it exactly. This week I planned on sticking to the program and getting in the runs and their full distance. It didn’t happen…at all.

The week started out well. I got my three mile run in on Sunday finishing it in 30:56 coming out to a 10:17 pace. What made this run great was I ran the whole thing without taking any walking breaks. That’s the first time I’m done that. I think that finally means I can run a 5K without stopping. After all, I was only .1 away from doing that today. This run also called for me to do the first two miles at a comfortable pace and the last mile faster. I felt like I was running faster at times during the let mile but then it would taper off. The third mile ended up being my fastest mile though, but only by a few seconds.

I skipped my second run of the week because my throat started bothering me at work and I didn’t feel good, so I decided it was better to go home and rest than run five miles. I made it to the gym on Tuesday for my scheduled for a three mile run. I’m working on starting slower and increasing my speed as I continue on right now since I tend to burn myself out early on. I ran the three miles in 33:03 which comes out to an 11 minute average pace. I also managed to increase my speed each mile. I shaved off 14 seconds from the first mile when I ran my second on and another 51 seconds from the second mile to the third. I’m making progress!

I also skipped my cross training day on Wednesday because I had an appointment, but I planned to make up for it on Thursday because I wanted to try the Body Works Plus Abs class at the gym. Around 3pm that day I had an awful stomach ache and wanted to go home and lay down. I made it through the work day but headed home and watched TV all night.

Today marked the last day of training for this week and I skipped my workout. I made plans with some friends from work and at the beginning of this week when we we made the plans I didn’t expect to skip all my runs/workouts this week. I’m planning on hitting the gym tomorrow more to make up for some of my slacking, but it’s not the same and knowing me, there’s a good chance it won’t happen. Here’s to a better week four!

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  1. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned. Time to forget about week 3, and move on to week 4. Here’s to hitting the gym and getting it done. 🙂

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