Spartan Up! Coming to a Bookstore Near You

My friends over at Spartan Race shared some exciting news with me! Joe De Sena, founder and driving force behind the Spartan Races, has a book coming out this May called “Spartan Up!” and I got the inside scoop.

spartanup-coverThere are three life lessons (if not more) you’re going to learn in “Spartan Up!”

  1. If you want to change your life you have to change your frame of reference.
  2. Anyone can demand instant gratification… but if you can delay it, you might just get where you want to go.
  3. Who says easier and faster is always better? Adversity paves the road to success.

That sounds like every other fitness book, right? WRONG! Yes, these apply to fitness and reaching your fitness goals, but these ideas can expand past the fitness world and into our everyday lives. Mark Rampolla, Founder & CEO of ZICO Beverages stated, “I wish Spartan Up! was out when I was starting ZICO. We might be bigger than Coke by now. Great insight and information. A must read for any current and future entrepreneur. Building a business is a full contact sport for the body, mind and spirit. Joe knows that and Spartan Up! should be a part of every entrepreneur’s training gear to prepare and win on game day.”

I was lucky enough to receive a synopsis of the book to get a taste of what’s to come. One thing that really stood out to me was, “A running proverb states, ‘You run the first half with your legs, the second half with your mind.’ Generally speaking, you can make it eight days after you think, ‘I can’t take another step.’ This book is really about the second half of the race, when your mind can quit on you or will you forward.” That’s how I feel with running a lot of the time. The mental game takes over and I think I can’t do anymore. The mental aspect is the biggest battle.

Then I thought about this quote outside of running. Sometimes I think the mental battle takes over in my everyday life. I’ll get up in the morning and while I’m getting ready for work I’ll be thinking about what I need to do after work whether it’s going to the gym, getting things done around the house, or even writing a blog post. By the time the workday comes to an end I feel worn out and want to go home and do nothing. In reality, I could do a lot of errands or chores when I leave the office, but sometimes the mental side wins and I think “I can’t.”

“The races, the book, the hundreds of emails I receive daily – that keeps us going every day, because it just feels like we’re doing something much bigger than ourselves,” De Sena says. It’s amazing how much we can learn from the Spartan way of life.

Another part that stood out to me was this, “Hill climbs are an integral part of any Spartan obstacle course. Even seasoned athletes will hit them hard, then be walking, and then be stopped, out of gas. We all get stuck on hills in life.” De Sena goes on to note how he didn’t get into Cornell because his grades weren’t good enough. This reminded me of a hill I faced in my life not too long ago. For years I always had a plan and knew what was coming next. This past November I broke down because I was about to finish graduate school and had no idea what was coming next for me. For the first time in my life I did have a plan. It was such a challenge for me to realize that in December I was done with school and I didn’t have anything planned to move on to.

This is slightly different to what De Sena is talking about because he mentions how this failure is motivation to push forward in the future. I wasn’t going to let myself fail and used that as the motivation. I needed to figure out what I was doing with my life after school, so I started looking for a job. But not just any job, I wanted something I was going to love. And I was lucky enough to find it.

That’s only a taste of what you’ll get from “Spartan Up!” The book consists of ten chapters that are “designed to teach you to systematically apply the Spartan way to every aspect of your life: food/diet, working out, health, business or work, education, relationships, parenting.” Each chapter takes something from the legendary obstacle race and applies it to your everyday life. You’ll be surprised once you start reading it how much you can learn from it and how much it relates to things happening in your everyday life.

You can pre-order your copy of “Spartan Up!” now by clicking here. You will also receive 15% off Spartan Race registration when you do so. Be sure to come check back in late-May for my review of “Spartan Up!”


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