Sharks Tooth 10K Training: Week 4

Half way there. Wow, it feels weird to say that I’m half way through my training program when it’s only been four weeks. The only other training programs I’ve done have been for my half marathons and those have been 18 weeks. Eight just feels so short. Never the less, I’ve reached the half way point and here’s how the past week went.

After coming off a bad week three, I wanted to turn things around. I made sure I got out for my first run of the week. It was a four mile run. I ended up running 4.82 miles in 53:28, which comes out to an 11:05 average pace. I was happy with it because it felt better than I expected with taking so many days off. I was also glad I went a little further because it makes up a bit for skipping out last week. A great way to start my week!

It was good that I went that extra distance on Sunday because on Monday I only ran three miles instead of 3.75 like scheduled. There are two reasons for this. The first was I planned on trying out the yoga class that night. Yoga on Mondays is at a different LA Fitness than I normally go to and it happened to be in a not-so-nice area of town. I didn’t bother me until I walked up to the gym doors that had a big “Crime Watch” sign on it. At that point I decided forget yoga, I was leaving the gym at 7pm no matter what because I wanted to leave before it go dark out. That meant I only had time for a three mile run.

It was a great three mile run though. I did interval training and got all the way up to 8mph! Even though it was only for 45 seconds, I was happy. I ended up finishing the three miles in 29:47 coming out to a 9:55 average pace. I was really happy with that. I may have to do interval training more often because it made me feel so fast! I felt great when I finished my workout too so that was even better.

On Tuesday I decided to check out the yoga class at my normal gym. I got out of work late which meant I only had time for a 20 minute run before that class started. In that time I ran 1.78 miles which comes out to an 11:13 average pace. Very different from the day before and much less than the four miles I was scheduled to run, but still good.

As for yoga, I don’t know how I feel about it. When I was at Adrian College I took the yoga class they offer during my final semester. I was eager to start yoga that semester, but by the end of it I still wasn’t into it. I’ve been told by multiple to give it another chance and that it’s great for runners because it stretches out the muscles and helps with balance and focuses, so I decided I would try it out since I could go to classes for free at my gym. I’m still not sold on it. I was semi-better than what I did at Adrian, but it’s still not something I can find joy in. What’s supposed to be relaxing and mind-clearing I find boring and get distracted. I borrowed my mom’s yoga mat which has a bunch of fun sayings on it and I kept reading those in certain poses because I was bored. I’m still planning on going again because it might get better and I might grow to like it, but so far, I’m just no a yogi.

Wednesday was a rest day and I was very excited for it. I’m not sure why because I hadn’t been running as much as the program wanted me to, so I wouldn’t think I’d need a rest that bad. I think daylight savings is playing into it. As I mentioned in my sleep experiment post, I had been much better about getting up early and at the sound of my alarm. Not so much any more. All week I hit snooze when my alarm went off. Guess I need to work on that. It’s just hard because it’s so dark when I wake up now. I just want to sleep longer.

On Thursday I had to get back in the groove of training. I was scheduled for a short two mile run, but opted for a strength workout and Zumba. This Wednesday didn’t have me cross training like the other weeks and although I had gone to yoga I wanted to mix it up a bit. Part of the reason is because I don’t like how much this training program is having me run for a 10K, so my trainer has given me different options that I like a lot better. I’m still semi-using the Nike+ Coach training program, because I’m half way through it so why not finish it off? But at the same time, I’m not stressing about following it because what I got from my trainer is a lot better and more fun. It mixes things up a bit more, and I like that.

Friday I planned get back on the Nike+ schedule and run the  four miles using an interval training method from my trainer. I ended up pushing it to today because I went to check out houses last night. Today’s run went really well. The interval training I was doing was with the incline. I walked at a 3.8 pace and every quarter of a mile I increased the incline by 2% up to 10% then worked my way back down and ended with flat run to finish it off.

The run after the incline training felt amazing. I’ve never felt so good before. After being a such a steep incline for so long I felt unstoppable when it was flatter. When I was walking the on the incline I was averaging a 14:30 pace, but once I got to my run at the end of it I shaved a minute off that average pace finishing the overall four miles with an average pace of 13:04. Obviously not what I’m looking for in a typical run but amazing for the type of training I was doing today.

Bring on week five!


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  1. I am not a yoga person either! I’m right there with you on it feeling boring to me. I still stretch, but I’m not running to yoga class anytime soon!

    1. mlavens says:

      I do like the fact that it gets a deeper stretch with some poses and certain in areas, but I’m with ya – I’d rather just stretch.

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