March #TrDPhotoADay Challenge

Even though I said in my post last month I wasn’t going to continue with the #TrDPhotoADay in March, I did. My sorority little convinced me because she liked seeing my Disney-themed pictures. So here’s how it went. I think Team runDisney had to be a little more creative this month since no runDisney races were taking place. And actually I got in on the creativity. Check out my photo from day five of the challenge – five favorite races.

photoThe days before that were pretty simple to do. The first was monthly goals (as it has been the past two months), but I didn’t have much of a goal this time. I went with “stick to my 10K training program.” That didn’t exactly happen though. Always good to have a goal though because that probably helped me stay on track more than I would have had I not written down for the world to see.

The other one that was pretty easy to start the challenge off with was “Favorite Disney Oscar Winner” on the night of the Oscars. The challenging part was staying awake to make sure Frozen won so I could post that as my picture. Didn’t want to jinx it by posting too early.

Another favorite from this month was day six, which was favorite ride. Mine is Splash Mountain. As I said in the caption of the photo, I used to make my family ride it over and over again. I can’t wait until they’re done refurbishing it so I can go on it again. I’m having withdrawals.

For the first few days while looking at the list of photos to take throughout the month, I couldn’t figure out why clock was one of them. Well, when March 9th rolled around I figured it out. It was daylight savings time! I got creative and used a picture of Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. It seemed lame to take a picture of my actual clock. I don’t have a very cool clock. I had done a similar thing the day before with “smile” by using the Cheshire Cat because I didn’t want to take a selfie or use an old picture of me smiling.

photoI was bummed that “younger you” was on a Wednesday instead of Thursday because it could have served a dual purpose with Throwback Thursday. Things were going smoothly up until the 18th. The photo for that day was “leprechaun.” I decided to skip this day because I did not see the point in posting a picture of a leprechaun after St. Patrick’s Day. The 19th I also skipped but that was because I forgot to take a picture of my lunch while I was at work. I almost decided to stop at that point because I had already missed two days in a row and I hadn’t be as excited about this month as I had been in the past, but I decided to push on and finish out the month.

I dropped the ball again on the 23rd and the next few days after that I didn’t post any challenge photos. I got busy with things and it never even crossed my mind to post pictures. The pictures also got less exciting and my though was, “why would I want to post this?” The post for January and February were better in my opinion. It seemed like they were just writing random things down. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t a runDisney race this month…or maybe it’s just because they were running out of things entering its third month. Whatever the case, they weren’t fun things to get photos of.

Needless to say, I did not finish this month out. I planned on posting a picture for today of my monthly mileage, but it was pathetic this month since I didn’t run nearly as much as I was supposed to, so I just let it be. These were fun for a while, but I’m kind of over it now.

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