Sharks Tooth 10K Training: Week 7

In one week I’ll be running the Sharks Tooth 10K. Yikes! I don’t feel ready from the stand point I haven’t gone for a run longer than four miles since the half marathon in February. I’m not worried about running the 10K…I’m worried about my time. I was hoping to have a great time so I could submit it as proof of time for the Dumbo Double Dare. I don’t think that will happen now. Why? Because I ran [once] this week and that was on Sunday.

I ran four miles with a 10:58 average pace. A perfectly fine pace for me, but I was hoping to be running faster this close to the race. I was also hoping to be running more and farther. I have nothing to blame but myself and my own laziness. Monday I had to pick my mom up at the airport and planned to attend a Zumba class at the LA Fitness near the airport. I didn’t make it to the class on time, but I could have hopped on the treadmill to run. I didn’t though…instead, I went to the mall.

Tuesday I planned to work out in the morning, but I slept in and then went to dinner with friends after work. That meant no workout again. Basically the same thing happened on Wednesday. I considered working out in the morning, but I didn’t and that evening I was seeing Bring It On: The Musical, so that meant no time to workout after work.

Thursday I did make it to the gym for my favorite Zumba class with Kyle. In addition to that, I did an arm workout as well and lifted some weights. Friday I also made it to the gym and ran three miles, but that’s where it ended.

Sunday I had planned to run again, but I never did. Not a great way to start the final week of training. Hopefully the rest of Week 8 is better than the start of it yesterday. Wish me luck for this week and this weekend!


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