Sharks Tooth 10K

Today I completed my first 10K race! I made the trip down to Venice, FL with my mom to partake in the days events. Despite not running longer than four miles throughout my training and the minor ankle injury I received during Zumba on Thursday, it went really well.

I actually found the first half of the race harder than the second half. The pavement sloped weird and put pressure on my ankles making it awkward to run on. The weird part was the ankle I injured had basically no pain while the healthy one hurt.

imageOnce we got off the road and on to the path through the park everything got much better. The ground was even and the scenery was beautiful, as you can see from the picture on the right. It was such a nice run. I loved being able to look at the water. Not to mention the pain started going away because the ground was flatter. Plus, it was away from traffic unlike the first half. We were sharing the road with cars for a short time, which made it a little harder to pass people while running. Even though the path wasn’t extremely wide, it was still easier to move around when you weren’t worried about cars coming by.

I didn’t finish the race as fast as I was hoping…and if you look at the race results that’s even more true. I finished in 1:11:11, but my official race time is 1:21:42. Why is that you ask? Well, I was so tired this morning I wasn’t even paying attention to the bibs and I handed my mom my bib and I wore her. Oops! I realized it around the fifth mile marker when the water guy said to me, “great job 302!” and I thought to myself, “my number isn’t 302” and I looked down only to realize I was wearing the wrong bib. I texted my mom when I finished to let her know. She didn’t see it until she was done either. We both had a good laugh about it. At least this race didn’t count for anything big. And in all honesty, the ten minute difference isn’t a big deal. Especially because we both know what our real race times are.

We also got really awesome medals for this race! It was the fifth anniversary, so they handed out medals. The shark tooth on it spins, so I found that awesome! Glad I have another medal on the rack and another race in the books.

Now on to training for the big race…Dumbo Double Dare.



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