Pact: The App You Have to Try

Hello Fitness Gurus! Sorry I’ve been away for a while. My day job kept me really busy last week. I didn’t even get to hit the gym, let alone write a blog post. But now I’m back and ready to share my fitness stories, tips, and tricks with you! Today I want to share an awesome app I’ve found called, Pact.

my-pact-iphoneHere’s how it works. First you make a commitment, whether it’s working out more or healthy eating. You decide how many days a week you want to go to the gym or how many times you want to eat fruits and veggies in a week. You logged that progress and if you reach your goals, you get paid! But there’s a catch, if you miss your goal, it costs you.

I have mine set for $5.00 when I miss my workout or nutrition goal. That’s the lowest you can set it. Although the app doesn’t pay you as much as it costs you, it’s still a good way to grab a little extra cash. I’ve only been using it for two weeks and have set it at goals I know I can reach…I really don’t want it costing me anything right now. Haha.

I’ve had it set at three workouts and five fruit/veggies. I upped my fruit/veggie pact this week to seven because I realized I eat a lot more fruits and veggies than I thought. Might as well up the goal then.

Pact also has partner apps to help you reach your goals. Luckily FitBit is one of those partner apps, so when I couldn’t make it to the gym last week, I still reached my fitness goals because I got 10,000+ steps. Other partner apps include: RunKepper, Jawbone UP, Moves, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal. If you don’t use any of those apps, no worries. You can still use Pact right from the app itself. It has a gym check in and a motion detector, so as long as you’re active for at least 30 minutes using one of those options, you’ll reach your fitness goals!

I totally recommend giving this app a try! Whether you’re already working out or you’re trying to find a way to stay motivated, this app will be great for you.

Disclaimer: This review is completely my own opinion. I was not contacted by Pact and have not received any compensation for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. jessjessmess says:

    Sounds great. Definetly will try this .:)

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