Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 1

Back to training! This week was the start of Dumbo Double Dare training. I’m excited and nervous to begin. Excited because I have something to train for again and it’s one step closer to my Dumbo medal! I’m nervous because it’s my first time training in the hot summers of Florida. I’m worried that will impact my running and I may have to use the treadmill more than I like. In fact, that’s how I spent the whole week…

The running part of my training started on Tuesday, but as you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of cross training so on Monday I went to Zumba. It was great! It had been almost two weeks since I went to Zumba so I was craving it. And it was a great class so I’m glad I went.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.26.14 PMTuesday was my first run! I was scheduled for 30-45 mins. I ran just barely over 30 mins (30:56) for this run. I went 2.92 miles, which comes out to a 10:35 average pace. I would have run for longer, but I wanted to go to yoga and stretch out after my run, so I didn’t have time to run for any longer than that. I did earn a badge for reaching 200K Nike Fuel points, so that’s cool.

Yoga was really good too. We did a lot of poses that stretched out the muscles I needed it to, so that was a fantastic way to cool down after my run. I think that will be my typical Tuesday routine.

Wednesday was my resting day, so I went out to dinner with a friend. A nice way to spend the evening instead of going to the gym. But it was back to training on Thursday.

Thursday was the same running schedule as Tuesday; 30-45 minutes. I only did 30 mins again because I was meeting friends for dinner, but I think even if I hadn’t had plans I still wouldn’t have gone for longer because I was dragging. My average pace of 10:28 doesn’t reflect that, but I sure felt slow. I was so excited to be done with that run.

Yesterday I planned to do today’s three mile run, but we had severe weather all afternoon – including a tornado warning where we had to go down to the lower level at work – so I decided it was best to go home after work and skip the gym.

photoToday the weather was just as bad and I had to make the drive to Orlando for Zumba Step training tomorrow. That meant I didn’t get my scheduled three mile run in. I did stop by the runDisney expo and get a pair of the New Balance runDisney Cinderella shoes. The Expedition Everest Challenge was a lot easier to get shoes at than Princess was. I glad I stopped by and they had them. Saves me the stress when I go for Dumbo or Wine & Dine.

So that pretty much sums up the first week of training. Not exactly what I planned, but not bad for the start. Next week it should be easier to stick to the training program. No crazy weekend plans that will interrupt my run. I have no excuse to not get it done.

And good luck to all the runners doing the Expedition Everest Challenge tonight! I kind of wish I was too. Next year I guess!


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