Zumba Step

Yesterday I expanded my Zumba knowledge and got my certification in Zumba Step! This is the newest form of Zumba and I’ve got to say, it’s a blast. The training started with the Master Class, which was a bit harder than I expected. Just adding the step in to a Zumba routine makes it much harder than I thought it would. I really enjoyed it though and was ready to break it down and learn about each fundamental step.

photo (1)The other thing that was great about this program was that I got a little refresher on the basics. Even though I use these steps all the time when I choreograph, it was good to go through them again and then she how to add on and vary the steps using the step board.

Toward the end of the training we got in groups to choreograph and perform a routine. It was great doing it in a group because I’m not sure how much I could have done on my own in the short amount of time. Everyone had great ideas that we were able to shape into our routine. Plus, it was fun to see what other groups came up with. We were all given the same music but all the routines were different. It was a lot of fun.

By the end of the day, it didn’t seem as hard as when we started with the Master Class. I had a much better understanding of the course and how to incorporate the step board. Now I really want to find a place to teach this course. It just adds something to the normal Zumba class and amps up the party!

So who’s ready to join me and do a Zumba Step workout?


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