Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 2

This has been my second week of Dumbo training. I didn’t get all three runs in last week, which was kind of disappointing since it’s the easiest week of the training program, but I was determined to put that behind me and have a better week two!

The first run came on Tuesday and I ran for 30 minutes. I had plans to meet up with a friend for dinner, so I only had time for a half hour. It went really well. I ran 2.83 miles, which comes out to a 10:35 average pace. I felt really good about it until I noticed the two runs I had done before that one had been faster. Not much faster, but still faster. I thought this one had been one of my better runs, so when I noticed it was slower I was a little sad.

Thursday I planned to do my second run of the week, but I was tired after work and came home instead. On Friday I planned to make up the run…but I didn’t. I had accepted I missed that run.

Yesterday I set out for my four mile run, only I went out later than I planned and it was HOT! I could hardly stand it. There was no way I was making the four miles, so my run scheduled for Thursday ended up happening on Saturday. I only made it 2.38 miles, but that’s fine. I couldn’t be in the 80-degree weather anymore with the sun beating down on me.

I was hoping to get the four miles in today since I didn’t yesterday, but I haven’t this morning. Maybe this evening I’ll make it out or to the gym. Fingers crossed! If not, let hope for a better Week 3.

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