Dumbo Double Dare Training: Weeks 4 & 5

Week four was fantastic…just not for fitness. On Monday I found out I’m a home owner! At work on Tuesday we announced Frozen will be our new ice show, and on Friday Cameron came to visit and we went to DisneyWorld and Legoland. See how it was an awesome week? On the fitness side of things I did nothing. No runs, no gym, no anything.

Let’s move on to week five.

Tuesday was my first day of training and I got my butt to the gym, on the treadmill and ran 3.16 miles. I was scheduled for a 30-45 minute run. I ran for 35 minutes, so that comes out to an 11:05 average pace, which was better than I expected since I haven’t run for a while. I was very happy with it. Plus, I hit 600 miles from that run, so it was a really good start to the week.

My second run of the week came on Thursday. As I was driving home from work there was the typically Florida-summer, down pouring rain, and I really considered going straight home because I didn’t want to get out of the car. But right when I got off the expressway, it turned into rain sprinkles and there was a rainbow, so I had no reason not to go to the gym. I found out the Kyle wasn’t going to be teaching Zumba that night, which was a big bummer because I haven’t been to his class in weeks and I really wanted to go. Never the less, I hopped on the treadmill, and ran for 30 mins.

For this run I did incline training, Every two minutes I raised the incline by 2% until I hit 6% then I went back down and up again. Because of that I didn’t go as far or as fast as I normally do, but that’s okay because I need to work on doing up hill. In that half hour, I ran 2.36 miles, which comes out to a 12:44 average pace.

Today is when I planned on doing my 6.5 mile run, but Kyle was teaching Zumba this morning and his classes are my favorite, so I went to that instead. I’m glad I did too, but it was a great class and I worked up a sweat. More of a sweat than I did with runs this week, which leads me to believe I could have run faster. Maybe next week.

I have the option of making up my 6.5 mile run tomorrow, but knowing what I have planned, I don’t see that happening. It’s getting bad that I haven’t gone for a run that’s longer than 4 miles.

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