Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 6

I’m getting into the groove of things again. I would have liked if I never got out of it, but it happens and you can only move forward. So Tuesday was the start of week six training; another 30-45 minute run. I did a bit of a crazy method of running that day. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do speed, hill, or what so every two minutes I changed something on the treadmill. Sometimes I increased speed; sometimes I decreased speed. Sometimes I added an incline, sometimes I removed an incline. I did that for 30 minutes and actually ended up with a good average pace. I finished my run with an 11:03 average pace, so I ended up running 2.72 miles. I was pretty darn happy with that.

After my run I went to yoga to help stretch out my muscles. It was good, but we didn’t do many poses to stretch the areas I wanted to stretch. My legs and hips were stretched out, which was good since I had just run, but my back had been really tight and bothering me, so I was hoping we’d do something to help it, but not so much. Oh well…I’ll just schedule a massage.

Wednesday was National Running Day, so I did my second 30-45 minute run then instead of on Thursday.

That wasn’t my only change of the week. On Friday I did my run instead of Saturday. I planned to do the scheduled four miles, but that didn’t happen because I forgot socks and my feet are rubbing on my shoes and it really hurt. I stopped after 30 minutes, but ended up running 2.7 miles, which comes out to a 10:49 average pace. Better than my past runs!

I didn’t run today because I went to Disney. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a chance to run again and make it a long one. Otherwise the upcoming 8 mile run is going to be really hard.

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