My Fitness Mojo

Last month there was a guest post from Central Sweat founder, Polly “PJ”  Monson, who wrote about finding your fitness mojo. She recently launched a product called the Fitness Mojo Notebook, which is a personalized fitness and nutrition notebook to help you reach your goals. I was lucky enough to be in the pilot program of this product I want to share my experience and let you know why it’s awesome and that you should try it too.

When I first moved to Florida from NYC for my job, I noticed my fitness was slipping. I was driving to work instead of walking, I hard a harder time running outside with the heat, and I worked all day and just wanted to come home and rest. Over President’s Day weekend, I went back up to NYC to visit friends and pack up my apartment. While I was there I met with Polly, who told me about this notebook she was designing to help people with their fitness goals even if they didn’t have access to a trainer or couldn’t afford to meet with a trainer at a gym. This peaked my interest. I’ve never had a problem with working with a trainer or coach, but I’m also very independent and can effectively workout on my own, so this seemed like a great thing for me. I immediately asked her if I could get one of these notebooks, and she added me to her pilot program to test it out.

photo-27-e1401145666856I was so excited when I got my notebook and started looking through all the pieces of it. My favorite part was the Central Sweat Mojo Checklist. I had told Polly about that I was’t good about eating breakfast, I loved my sweets and often ate more of them than I should, and that there were certain fitness classes at the gym I liked. She took all that information and more and put it into a check list. Each month there were a variety of things I had to do on that check list. That fueled me the most. I love having a list and being able to cross things off, so I found myself doing two or three things on it a day sometimes just so I could get the satisfaction of crossing things off.

I also liked the calendar a lot. I found myself moving things around a bit, but it was good I had a set schedule of when I was working out and what I was doing. I learned back in undergrad that if I didn’t schedule time to work out and actually write it down in my planner like every other appointment, I wouldn’t do it. It ended up becoming a second thought or something I could “do later” and then it would never happen. Scheduling became important. With the Central Sweat Mojo Calendar I had a month’s overview of what I should be doing and was able to schedule in my time around the rest of my busy schedule. Granted, life is never perfect and I missed a few workouts here and there, but it held me more accountable than being on my own.

Another great thing about this program that is unique to it is the Skype session with Polly. Once a month I got to meet with her via Skype to talk about my progress, what I liked and what I didn’t like, and what I wanted moving forward. It was great being able to meet with someone who knew about my fitness goals and designed a program for me, even if we couldn’t meet in person at the gym. And a plus to being able to see Polly is that if you have a question about certain moments or workouts, she can demonstrate it right there for you and she can have you show her what you’re doing to make sure your positioning is correct. That’s pretty cool.

My pilot program ended last week, which is kind of sad for me, but it’s great for you because that means you can get our own personalized program now! I’m planning on having Polly make me another notebook so I can continue on with my success from this one. I think I’m really going to need it when my Dumbo Double Dare training ends because I won’t have that set schedule again. And we all know I’m a scheduler. I can’t wait to see how this product grows and to see how it helps people out like it did me.

**Disclaimer: I participated in this program as part of a pilot study and was asked for honest feedback in exchange. All opinions are my own. For more information, please read my disclosure policy.**


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