Dumbo Double Dare: Week 7

This week I was determined to get my workouts in and be as active as possible. I had been lazy and unmotivated for too long. I found new motivation though. RunChat is doing another #RunChatHunt like they did last year during the holiday season. I had so much fun when I participated before, I wanted to do it again. Plus I event won a prize last time. That’s motivation to do it again and get to running!

On Tuesday I planned to hit the gym for my first run of the week, but those plans changed when I ended up working late. Because I worked late I didn’t have time to fit in a run before my yoga class. I considered skipping yoga so I could get my full run in, but my quads had been so sore for the past couple days, I figured it was better to stretch them out at yoga rather than tighten them up with running. It was a good choice because on Wednesday I woke up and they didn’t feel nearly as sore or tight.

I decided to make up my Tuesday run on Wednesday. I did a 2.64 mile run in 30 mins coming out to a 11:20 average pace. A little slower than my runs from the week before, but I didn’t want to run too hard or too fast and risk my legs tightening up again.

On Thursday I went to Zumba because Kyle was back teaching. I’m so glad too. It was a fun class and I felt like I had gotten such a good workout. Obviously I didn’t run that same day because that would be a little too much cardio.

Friday I had planned on doing my short run that was scheduled for Thursday, but after a sleepless night, that didn’t happen. I was too tired after work, so I came home, sat on the couch and watched TV all night. It was great.

Saturday was the big run. It was my first out door run in a long time. I didn’t want to get up, and once I did, it took my longer to get out for my run then I planned. The sky was overcast and the temperature wasn’t too hot yet. I made my way out and decided I was going to walk for .25 mile and run for .75 then repeat. I was scheduled for an eight mile run, but decided anywhere from six to eight would be good since my farthest run during the training has been four miles.

After three miles the sun started to break through the clouds and it got hot and humid. I felt like I was going to die. No longer could I keep up with my walk .25, run .75 intervals. I had to take more walking breaks and run at a slower pace. It was really hard. When I got back to the condo I was a tenth of a mile away from six miles so I ran the length of the parking lot – from the entrance to the pool. Guess what, that’s a tenth of a mile! As soon as I hit six miles I was done. I couldn’t be out there anymore.

This has put me between a rock and a hard place now. I don’t want to do my long runs on the treadmill because that long and boring, but I can’t run as well in the heat. I know I need to get used to it, especially if I’m going to live down here, but the thought of running in the heat and humidity does not make running appealing.

On the bright side, I got to check two things off the #RunChatHunt list: road kill and a local dive bar. After I got home and looked over the list again, I probably could have gotten a couple others I just wasn’t on the look out for them. Next time I guess.

This morning I went to yoga and just to stretch my muscles out some more. Normally I don’t go on Sundays because I don’t like the class as much as the Tuesday one, but I figured I needed to after my six mile run yesterday. Now to move on to Week 8!


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