Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 8

This was the first week that I had to accomplish four runs instead of just three…and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that getting in three runs has been hard enough. I wasn’t going to start the week off on the wrong foot.

As always, my first run was scheduled for Tuesday. My original plan was to go to the gym and hop on the treadmill and then go to yoga. As I left work I noticed how nice it was outside and for summer in Florida it didn’t feel that hot. Sad that I think 81-degrees isn’t hot. So when I got home I decided to run outside.

This run was much better than my previous run, which was also outdoors. That run I barely survived; this run I enjoyed. I started out running down the street toward the public beach and Siesta Village. When I got to the public beach entrance I decided to run back home along the beach. I have never run on the beach before. It was tricky when I first got out there because the sand was hard to push off of, but once I got closer to the water it was much easier because the sand had been wet and backed down. Thank you low tide.

I really enjoyed running along the beach. The breeze was really nice and at sunset it was so pretty. I ended up running 2.48 miles in 27:43, which comes out to an 11:08 average pace. Didn’t make it for the scheduled 30 minutes, but I was close. That’s what happens when you run a new route I guess. The other good thing about running outside was I found two more items for #RunChatHunt. This time I got “someone fishing” and “sunset.” I didn’t think I’d get sunset because it was cloudy right where the sun was, but the sun broke through the clouds as my run ended, so I got it!

Thursday I ended up working late, but still made it to the gym for a quick 30 minute run. I even ran into a couple friends of mine as I was leaving so that was fun. But back to the run, I ran 2.71 miles in the 30 minutes, which comes out to an 11:03 average pace. I was happy with it.

But that’s pretty much where the running ended. On Saturday I planned to run the one single mile that was scheduled and I couldn’t even do that. I had planned on running it on the treadmill at the gym then going to yoga after, but I ended up cleaning the condo, which was good because it needed it, but bad because I didn’t work out and didn’t even hit 5,000 steps on my FitBit.

Today was my long run of the week – 7 miles. That didn’t happen either. I had a late night so I ended up sleeping in until about 9am meaning it was too hot to run outside. I can’t manage 7 miles on the treadmill…it’s just boring. I figured I would still go to the gym and run, just not 7 miles. Well that did even happen. By 4pm today I didn’t even have 2,000 steps on my FitBit. At that point I decided I needed to at least go out and walk the beach. Better to do some type of activity than to be lazy for days on end.

I figure next week I’ll make up for the skipped runs from this week…meaning the back to back 1 mile, 7 mile run. Wish me luck on week nine…AKA the half way point!


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