Dumbo Double Dare Training: Weeks 9 & 10

The ninth week of training marked the half way point. The first half wasn’t so good and week nine continued that pattern. I did not make it out for a single run. I did workout on Monday by going to the Orange Theory beach class and then I went to yoga on Tuesday, but other than that…I was lazy. Part of the reason was I had been working late almost every night last week. And that continued last week.

Monday I made myself get to the gym and run. I only did a 20 minute run because I just wasn’t feeling it. It was not a good run and I was not happy about being there. After my 1.8 mile run, I went and got a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Then I felt awful and way too full. Not a fun night.

Tuesday I planned to run again, but it didn’t happen and Wednesday I had a work dinner to go to, so that meant no workout as well. On Thursday I made a trip up to the Tampa Airport to stay at the hotel on site because I had a 6:25am flight to visit my boyfriend. Therefore, I did not get a run in again, nor did I run that weekend when I visited him. I actually ended up owning $5 to the Pact community that week because I didn’t get all my workouts in. That sucked!

This week has not been any better so don’t expect a great Week 11 review. I’ve been so busy with work that hitting the gym or going for a run just doesn’t happen. I need to find some way to fit my workouts in though because next month is the race and I’m no where near ready.


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