Milestone: 200 Runs

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.24.09 PMToday I hit 200 runs with Nike+! Honestly, I can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner. Even though I’ve been a super slacker these past few weeks, I haven’t always been so I would have thought it would have happened sooner. After all, I hit 100 runs in November 2012 and I had only started running that year. Sad that it’s taken me so much longer to hit 200. Granted, I don’t always use Nike+ so more runs have been in there that weren’t counted, but I haven’t done many of those.

The funny thing is, I was at 282 miles with my first 100 runs, and this time I’m at 623. That means I ran about 400 miles in this block of 100 runs compared to the first 100…those are some long runs I’ve added in. I didn’t realize there was that big of a difference until now. Pretty amazing!

Anyways, this week has been a great start for getting back on track with fitness, so I’m sure hitting 300 runs will happen a lot faster than 200 did. That’s the way I’m looking at it at least. So far this week I’ve tried paddleboard yoga and gone for two runs! Tomorrow will be a rest day, but Thursday I’m planning on Zumba than two more runs this weekend. Look at that, I’m already on my way to 300 runs! Looks like things are finally turning around.


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